Angry Birds gets (wait for it) dolphins, extra levels - converts to freemium

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Angry Birds Rio is often one of the most forgotten variants of the franchise, which is unfair as the puzzles are just as good - and a lot more colourful, befitting the 'Rio' tag. The game also just converted from low-priced commercial status to full 'freemium' - you can now download and get started for free - but you'll probably need power ups later on, which is where the freemium elements come into play...

From the Store description:

What's new in 2.0.0: 
Make a BIG splash in the High Dive episode – based on the new blockbuster movie sequel Rio 2!

NEW LEVELS! 20 levels and 6 bonus levels set in a Brazilian port harbor!

RIO NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! Totally refreshed with shiny new graphics for the Rio 2 chapter!

AMAZON RIVER DOLPHINS! These beautiful animals are accidentally trapped and they need your help!

NEW MOVE! Dive below to break open those cages from underwater!

The existing 'Rio 2' episode 'Rocket Rumble' remains available, of course, plus the wealth of classic Rio episodes, including 'Smugglers' Plane', 'Airfield Chase' and 'Golden Beachball' (got to love the episode names!). We're talking hundreds of levels, hundreds of thousands of possible plays. 

The new 'High Dive' episode includes some levels which involve, not surprisingly, diving beneath the water, to get at the structures and cages from underneath. 

Here's the new game version in action:

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

Browsing through all the existing 'Rio 1' movie tie-in episodes...

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

...and here are the first two (of, presumably, many) episodes from Rio 2...

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

Arcing an Angry Bird down below the water line to get to the explosive!

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

The Rio world remains as colourful and glistening as ever....

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

Every day is Carnival in this game, it seems....

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

The various power-ups can be tried in the learning/playground levels, but once you get into the main puzzles you'll need to buy any extra power-ups that you find you need in order to progress...

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

Oops. I'm stuck. Time to buy, I think....

Screenshot, Angry Birds Rio

You can buy power-ups in bundles or in specific packages, though I was a little very dismayed to see the costs involved. It seems as if even Rovio isn't immune from succumbing to freemium greed, sadly....

If all this appeals to you, you can get started by downloading Angry Birds Rio from the Windows Phone Store here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store