Angry Birds GO! updated with new Sub Zero episode, new karts

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You may remember that Rovio's attempt to turn the Angry Birds franchise towards a new game genre wasn't entirely successful, mainly due to excessive freemium greed, as we pointed out in our somewhat damning review here. Well, Angry Birds GO! has just been updated again, with a new episode and features...

Sub Zero

New for Angry Birds GO! v1.20 are (changelog via):

  • New Sub Zero episode
  • Daily events
  • New rewards
  • 8 New karts:
    • Tar Barreller
    • Slushy Slider
    • Snow Shoo
    • Shred Sled
    • Chuck Ice
    • Mr Plow
    • The Blue Cornet
    • Arctic Roller

We'd love to show you screenshots from the new episode, but we haven't got far enough into the game(!) - so here's the official Sub Zero trailer instead (sorry about any leading edge ads):

The presentation and fun level for Angry Birds GO! is high, though the gameplay itself is heavily slanted towards under eight year old kids (and with appropriate warnings for parents about possible in-app purchases - IAPs). Targetting added to by the presence of support for the 'telepods' toys.

Does GO! now work better away from the freemium criticisms? Does it deliver enough fun for reasonable IAPs? Comments welcome.

You can grab Angry Birds Go! for free here in the Store

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store