Lumia 'Cherry Blossom Pink' probably an internal update code name?

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You have to figure that someone at Nokia is messing with our heads. New screenshot leaks from China clearly show 'Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink', a platform update codename even stranger than the 'Bittersweet Shimmer' which was leaked before 'Black' finally arrived. Our guess is that Cherry Blossom Pink is simply a codename for the update in development and that either 'Blue' or 'Cyan' (or similar, starting with 'C') is the ultimate update name for Nokia's extensions to Windows Phone.

From the leak piece over at WMPU:

Lumia Blue was only ever alluded to by a throw away comment by Nokia Russia, but now we have a screen shot taken from an actual Windows Phone 8.1 handset, likely the Nokia Lumia 630 in China, indicating that the next version may be called Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink.


The clumsiness (and strangeness) of the Cherry Blossom Pink name makes us suspect that it won't make it to production, pretty though it is!

Other screenshots confirm yet again the presence of Start screen background images across neutral live tiles - though care will have to be taken about which images are used as the source here, since there's a lot of potential for visual distraction from the live tile content. Watch this space for a tutorial on modifying favourite images for Start screen use.

Source / Credit: WMPU