Mini-review: Piction (Pictionary)

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Which of us doesn't like Pictionary, the game where someone else is drawing and we have to gradually work out the word? Piction is this concept, but made for mobile and with a freemium element thrown in to keep things chugging along.

Here's the pitch, according to the Windows Phone Store:

* 50 unique levels 
* Hundreds of drawings
* 300 Starting gold!
* Earn more gold by passing levels as quickly as possible
* Stuck? Use hints or gold to reveal more of the drawing

Essentially, one 'level' is one drawing, though the description does tend to contradict that. Still, I'm sure the developer has more drawings and updates up his artistic sleeve...

Here's Piction in action:

Screenshot, PictionScreenshot, Piction

An initial screen explains the concept; (right) the word is gradually revealed in the main pane and it's up to you to tap out the guess using the letters provided, in the right order...

Screenshot, PictionScreenshot, Piction

Get stuck and your options are to a) wait (for all the drawing to be revealed), b) ask someone else for help, or c) use one of the freemium help functions; (right) get a word right and you build up some coins - the faster you guess, the more you earn....

Screenshot, PictionScreenshot, Piction

More drawings in progress. Sometimes it's possible to guess, sometimes not! The numbers of letters helps quite a bit, as shown here....

Screenshot, PictionScreenshot, Piction

At some point in the game you'll get stuck and you'll have run out of coins to buy help with - which means turning to freemium....

Screenshot, PictionScreenshot, Piction

The various levels of in-app purchase available. In fairness, 250 coins will get the average player another 30 minutes and another couple of dozen drawings into the game, and presumably lots of enjoyment, which may be about right for £1.49, though it's a recurring cost if you keep on getting stuck, or are impatient to solve the puzzles without waiting for the final drawing stages, of course.

A well made game, my only complaints would be that the touch sensitivity of the letter controls is a little laggy at times, so I had to double tap, plus there are in-game ads for a particular title. Look, you can code something that's ad-supported, or something that's freemium, but you can't do both - it's 'just not cricket'!

One other curiosity was that I couldn't see a way to restart the game (perhaps for another player who hasn't seen the drawings before). So, in addition to extra drawings/levels, definitely some work for the developer still here.

Well worth a look, though, if Pictionary is your thing. It's free to download here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store