AdDuplex Direct provides ad serving platform for Windows Phone developers

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AdDuplex, the largest cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps, is planning to launch AdDuplex Direct, a service that will make it easy for developers to add a self-serve, direct sales, advertising platform to their Windows Phone apps (i.e. sell advertising within their apps via an AdDuplex powered marketplace). 

The new service contrasts with AdDuplex's existing cross exchange product that sees developers running advertising within their apps in return for their adverts being run in other apps, with an underlying aims of growing app usage levels to the point where other revnue generation streams become viable (i.e. "free" advertising to build app downloads in return for running advertising within their own apps).

Here's how AdDuplex describe the new Direct service:

AdDuplex Direct is a marketplace were the best apps meet the best advertisers and do business together without having to worry about the technical side of the deal.

As an app developer you will be able to apply to AdDuplex Direct and have a listing for your app in the AdDuplex Direct Catalog. As an advertiser you will browse the catalog, select the apps you like and initiate advertising deals. When both parties agree on the scope of the deal the advertising campaign starts and when it’s over the developer gets paid. AdDuplex takes care of the catalog, ad serving, money handling – you develop the apps.

AdDuplex are currently inviting a small number of existing developers using AdDuplex to join the AdDuplex Direct program, with an aim of publicly launching the service in Q2 2014. Currently, there is a requirement to be both a member of the AdDuplex cross promotion network and be able to deliver more than 10,000 ad impressions a day. Listings in the AdDuplex marketplace will be free, with AdDuplex taking 18% commission on any sales to cover the cost of running the service.

AdDuplex Direct will join a number of in app advertising options available to Windows Phone developers, but is notable for providing an open advertising marketplace, which may be of interest to developers who think they can sell their own advertising. The down side of this is that significant sales work may be required in order to pull off a direct advertising deal.