Amazon issues bugfix update for Kindle on Windows Phone

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As a fan of eBooks, and someone who is partially invested in the Kindle platform, it's nice to see that someone inside the Seattle-based company is keeping an eye on their Windows Phone client and updating the app with bug-fixes. At the same time, the Kindle client is still missing some key areas of development that would give it parity with other platforms, so knowing there are some resources allocated, but not enough, is upsetting.

The latest update is a very minor one, taking the version number to It addresses two stability issues in the app - the locking up of the app on the initial splash screen, and the occasional crashes when the app is starting.

 Kindle on Windows Phone Kindle on Windows Phone

And that's it. No tweaks to the layout, no inclusion of the personal documents system, no ability to read books from the SD card or install over mass storage, no user access to the Kindle filesystem. Arguably the app does what it sets out to do, I just wish that it had as much vision as the clients on other platforms.

You can download the Kindle app for Windows Phone from the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory