Bubble Blast 3D new and a simultaneous launch on all three mobile platforms

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A brand new game from our friends at Magma Mobile, and released simultanously on Android, iOS and Windows Phone (yay), Bubble Blast 3D presents familiar chain-reaction tapping, but with a huge catalog of levels and in swish pseudo 3D...

From the Store description:

Bubble Blast 3D is THE Bubble Blast comeback and absolutely free! 
Find a new dimension in the puzzle game that was downladed 25 million times worldwide! 
You will be able to rediscover the pleasure of popping bubbles to trigger a chain reaction, but this time, all in 3D! 

- Easy access and great fun, but beware, this is not always as easy as it sounds! 
- For the first time in 3D.
- Customize the main character! 
- 10,000 levels in puzzle mode! 
- Arcade mode to play and replay to infinity! 

The gameplay is familiar, as you'll see, here's a walkthrough:

Bubble Blast 3D screenshotBubble Blast 3D screenshot

The 3D refers more to the shading and texture-mapped landscape than the gameplay, but who cares - it's still tapping fun....

Bubble Blast 3D screenshotBubble Blast 3D screenshot

The idea is that when you tap a character, it turns red and then tapping a red character explodes it, releasing balls which then explode other characters, which in turn, and so on. It's a logic game of lines and patterns; (right) a hint mode proves useful if you get absolutely stuck.

Bubble Blast 3D screenshotBubble Blast 3D screenshot

As you progress, you unlock new levels and characters...

Bubble Blast 3D screenshotBubble Blast 3D screenshot

Of course, this being a free download, there has to be a monetisation vector - in this case, buying unlimited hints and removing ads. 

In a wonderfully altruistic gesture, the freemium element here will cost you a maximum of... wait for it..... 79p. Or a dollar. OK, maybe twice that if you want all the characters. But it's a welcome far cry from the greed of other freemium games in the Windows Phone world.

Well worth grabbing and buying in-app, Bubble Blast 3D is a free download in the Windows Phone Store here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store