Apocalypse Intact - Uber Racer makes it to Windows Phone

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Positioned as a traditional 'pay once' (yay!) racing game, played out in a freeform apocalyptic world, and with '3D sound' and realistic physics throughout, Uber Racer has a lot to recommend it. Having made it through quite a few races now, I'm not sure the same adrenaline as in Real Racing 2 is here, but the visuals are beautiful, the feel of the game is different and it's still a great use of 99p (or so)....

From the Store description:

In a world where mankind is burning its final resources a few fearless warriors race for the last drops of oil. Will you stand up to become the next Uber Racer? 

Are you tired of playing racing games that confine you to a single track you are not supposed to leave? Do you want to break free from unrealistic racing games? Do you want the possibilities and graphics you know from your console or PC on your Windows device? Well, then Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm is just for you!

- GAME CENTER compete with your friends and the global leaderboard 
- HIGHLY DETAILED GRAPHICS without repeating textures (i. e. every rock is painted differently).
- CAREER MODE with 31 race days, some of them featuring up to 10 events. Several hours of playtime. 
- 3D MENU, completely integrated. 
- 4 RACE MODES: Time Trial, Elimination, 1 Vs 1, Race. 
- THUMB TRACKING: Don't care about hitting the gas pedal. It's wherever your thumb is. 
- Select your favourite CAMERA: Third person, hood or bumper. 
- The same version runs on the iPad and iPhone (universal app). 

- 3D SOUND with stereo output and positional audio. For a full and immersive sound experience make sure you are using headphones! 
- REALISTIC MOTOR SOUND, engine simulation, backfire 

- 3D CAR PHYSICS with suspension, damping and drifting 
- 15 CARS individually upgradable. Ranging from buggies to race cars and trucks. 
- DAMAGE MODEL based on real impact damage, flapping doors, loose hinges

Where most top games these days are going down the freemium route, I welcome Uber Racer with open arms. Buy it once for a nominal quid or so and then you can let kids and friends loose on it for hours without worrying about them buying stuff they shouldn't or keeping bothering you with requests to put in wallet PINs etc.

As far as I can see, there IS only the initial price, making Uber Racer pretty good value, considering the graphical depth of the worlds it has modelled so well. Here are some screens of the game in action:

Uber Racer screenshot

The graphics are professional throughout - not surprising, since this title originated on iPhone and iPad....

Uber Racer screenshot

Ah yes, the apocalyse. Whether to hole up in a fortress or go racing to use up the last of humanity's oil...?(!)

Uber Racer screenshot

The usual car upgrades are available, buying them with currency/oil earned in the game. And no freemium here - you've got to earn the black stuff. 

Uber Racer screenshot

A dynamic calendar view takes you through a month of races of different kinds...

Uber Racer screenshot

Three camera views are available, while racing, of this texture mapped and fully 3D world...

Uber Racer screenshot

Winning is easy at first - I wonder how long it'll take to get harder?

Uber Racer screenshot

Aha - a new car to play with!

Uber Racer screenshot

Time trials also pop up helpful 'guide' arrows to show the most efficient line around the track.

The worlds modelled here are impressive in that they're relatively freeform. Although there are certain markers and gaps that denote each track, there are multiple routes around obstacles and even up and down parallel levels, in order to make progress.

You can buy Uber Racer here in the Store. Recommended.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store