Swoop and soar in Blazin Aces

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New in the Windows Phone Store is a 2D aerial combat game - but it's not the two dimensions you might think.... Nicely styled and pitched as retro in almost every way, Blazin Aces is for anyone with quick reactions, good eyesight and a sense of remembering which is up and which is down....

From the Store description:

Take control of the skies in this 2D retro-aerial dogfighting game. Step into the cockpit of an ace pilot in the golden era of aviation, and destroy the invading forces. Featuring arcade style gameplay, the game is easy to learn yet difficult to master.

Interestingly, the game approaches the 2D in a different way than is traditional - you only get to move in the vertical plane, so it's all about climbing and looping, rather than weaving from side to side. There IS a flip control, whereby you can roll by 180 degrees, to effectively reverse the direction of your climbs and dives

Here's the game in action:

Screenshot, Blazin Aces

A cheeky wartime gal...

Screenshot, Blazin Aces

Something I'd never seen in a game before - the chance to change the size of the control elements, according to eyesight, finger size and taste!

Screenshot, Blazin Aces

A little 'pro' artwork to set up the story...

Screenshot, Blazin Aces

A tutorial level gets you gently into the action, though it could go further - powerups are introduced, parachuting down, but there's no explanation of what each one does....

Screenshot, Blazin Aces

Into the action then, swooping and firing and flipping and climbing - the view switches every time you get to the edge of the screen, rather than scrolling with the plane - which can sometimes be a little disconcerting....

Not bad at all, overall. And - nice touch - note the use of the computer disk 'eject' icon for, wait for it, ejecting from the plane and heading back to base!!

You can buy Blazin Aces here in the Windows Phone Store, for £1.49 or local equivalent.

PS. There's also a somewhat minimalist trailer:

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store