Web forum client Tapatalk hits the big v2.0, brings lots that's new

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Arriving with a huge UI redesign, a tutorial, new features and customisations, Tapatalk for Windows Phone v2.0 gives much faster access to most web-based discussion forums. The pitch goes along the lines of 'Why use a web browser and lots of page furniture when you can get straight to the messages and action in Tapatalk?' Why, indeed - it's a very cool and useful application, demonstrated below.

Tapatalk for Windows Phone is a product of both the official Tapatalk team and the Foroplex Spain-based developer Jagoba Los Arcos. From the Store description comes this changelog for v2.0:

  • Complete UI redesign
  • Onboarding/tutorial process for new users
  • Push notification support
  • Added new feed section to display quick updates from across all your forums 
  • Tapatalk ID Single Sign On (SSO) support
  • Built-in image editor
  • Highly awaited WP8 Transparent tile support
  • Configurable font sizes in post view
  • Unlimited Tapatalk image hosting
  • Now includes all moderation features from our Win8 version 
  • Ability to open topics/posts from web browser
  • Ability to share topics/posts
  • Lot of bugfixes and other changes

Being a big user of web-based (specialist) forums, I took Tapatalk for a spin:

Screenshot, TapatalkScreenshot, Tapatalk

Fresh and clean, though resolutely white-themed, so power hungry on AMOLED screens. The initial wizard takes a user through a graphical directory in order to find forums that might interest them....

Screenshot, TapatalkScreenshot, Tapatalk

The new feed view shows up new posts on all forums you're subscribed to; (right) searching for a specific forum (PSC)...

Screenshot, TapatalkScreenshot, Tapatalk

Drilling down into sub-forums and individual posts...

Screenshot, TapatalkScreenshot, Tapatalk

Browsing through a post and (right) switching to 'web view' in order to show the post in Internet Explorer, should this be needed (it's not, usually)...

Screenshot, TapatalkScreenshot, Tapatalk

You can log into forums (if required) in order to post, too. You can also attach files to posts and include inline images, all managed from the application.

A very nice update for forum fans. You can download or update Tapatalk here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store