Microsoft debuts Help and Tips for 8.1 users (in beta)

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I'm all for more help and more information, in these days where nothing ships with a paper manual anymore. In this case, it's an official (though beta) Microsoft aid for Windows Phone 8.1 users (so far just those with the Developer Preview and a handful of Lumia 630 owners, but soon to be a hundred million others), with textual tips, animated tutorials and videos. Worth grabbing to have a browse through, certainly.

From the Store description:

The official Help+Tips app for Windows Phone 8.1 is here! Not sure how to make a phone call or use Cortana? We cover everything from the basics to pro tips. Unlock your phone’s hidden secrets with our animated tips and videos. Get answers to frequently asked questions, or search our collection of how-to articles. Whether you’re new to Windows Phone or a seasoned expert, you’ll learn something new.

Here's the help system in action:

Screenshot, Help and TipsScreenshot, Help and Tips

White themed throughout, Microsoft's help system is slick and well done. Many of the graphics used in what is essentially HTML content are animated, which is a nice touch, especially for tutorial material.

Screenshot, Help and TipsScreenshot, Help and Tips

Text content and video content sit side by side, though you'd have to expect a lot more of the (YouTube-hosted) latter in due course, rather than just the two items here.

Screenshot, Help and TipsScreenshot, Help and Tips

The content is fully searchable and is all relevant/specific to Windows Phone 8.1.

This is a great resource and well worth loading up. You can grab your own copy here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store