Wistron Tiger Windows Phone phablet with 6.5" screen shown off

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With Computex 2014 in full swing, Microsoft and its partners have been showing off even more future Windows Phone hardware. MobileGeeks.de (link to the German article below) had something of a scoop in unearthing a new Windows Phone phablet, with 6.5" screen and virtual controls.

Here's the original MobileGeeks.de article, though it's in German, so I've summarised it here:

Microsoft also teased a huge 6.5-inch phone during the keynote speech at Computex 2014. It runs Windows Phone 8.1, of course, and it is from the Taiwanese company Wistron. The device is a reference design and offers a full HD display and a Qualcomm processor:

Computex 2014: Wistron Tiger 6.45-inch Full HD Windows Phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 in hands-on (video & photos)

While many details are not available yet, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 is used, running at up to 2.3 GigaHertz. The display is 1080p and we were able to get a hands on:

The Tiger shown in the video is evidently a prototype at best, though seeing an aluminium frame and such high specs bode well for the future. Also interesting is that all the other 8.1-ready designs being shown off had physical/capacitive controls, whereas the Tiger implemented these virtually, as Microsoft has been pushing its licensees to do.

The virtual control keys are shown being minimised and brought back with a swipe in the video above. 

See the full article, plus other Computex 2014 coverage, over at MobileGeeks.

Source / Credit: Mobile Geeks (DE)