Sendtiment Cards gears up for both Fathers Day and the World Cup

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Sendtiment Cards, never one to miss an opportunity to add some new topical content to its ever growing card database, has been updated with cards for both Fathers Day (this Sunday in much of the world) and the football World Cup in Brazil. The interface is slicker than ever and the idea is that you can send out electronic greetings cards by email or social networks. Well worth a look!

From the Store description we get this brief changelog:

Version - yes these numbers actually mean something.

* Pretty much we just added more cards to the library - Fathers Day, World Cup. We will not be held responsible for the overwhelming love, kisses and smiles that can come from sending one our cards.

* Oh and some bug fixes a.k.a. we fixed the little things we had screwed up with the last update.

Here's the new topical content in action:

Screenshot, Sendtiment CardsScreenshot, Sendtiment Cards

Ole Ola, indeed. Send your football mad mate a card from this app and make his day. Or something like that 8-)

Screenshot, Sendtiment CardsScreenshot, Sendtiment Cards

In each case, pick the card template you want, add your own note, with full control over every aspect of the text font, then send it on its way using any of the sharing mechanisms in Windows Phone.

The developer does seem very responsive, I'm sure he'll be open to suggestions for future holidays and events. In the meantime, you can buy/update Sendtiment Cards here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store