NEXT official app, though welcome, is another web site wrapper

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It's hard to know how to judge these new breed of applications which are nothing more than a slight wrapper around a mobile-optimised web site. We saw Pinterest last week and now we have NEXT, one of the most popular clothing chains in the UK. It's a travesty in terms of mobile coding, but hey, it means that the brand is in the Windows Phone Store and the actual browsing and buying bits do work, thanks to the already functioning web site.

From the 'app' description in the Store:

Want fabulous fashion at your fingertips? Would you like to access the latest looks at the touch of a button? The Next app is the perfect way to shop with Next while on the move - and it’s free! 

Download our app and browse the exciting ranges of beautifully designed, excellent quality clothing, shoes, and homeware from Next. Refine your selections through the easy to use navigation and search, before adding to your shopping bag.

  • The full online range of hundreds of Next products
  • Easy to use navigation and search
  • Secure payment and access to your Next Directory account
  • Next day delivery promise when ordered before 10pm
  • Free returns
  • “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature
  • Store Locator

I'd jolly well hope it's free - given that it's just the web site!! Some screens of the wrapper in action:

Screenshot Screen

You can access this via Internet Explorer and or (ok, ok) via the app in the Store here(!)

Comments welcome - is an 'app' like this better than no app at all? Surely yes - though here's hoping that NEXT (and others) put some money into developing a real application next time, with native look, feel and performance.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store