Hisense Mobile Telecom announces the Windows Phone 8.1-powered MIRA6

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Yet another OEM comes on board with Windows Phone and a 8.1-powered smartphone, with today's announcement of the MIRA6, though the use of ex-Android hardware in the demo video below rather shows that we're some way off a shipping product!

From the LiveSino site, from a machine translation:

MIRA6 is Windows Phone 8.1 's first China Telecom mobile phone, dual sim dual standby support telecom. MIRA6 configuration, equipped with a quad-core Qualcomm 8612 processor, 8GB storage (expandable) and 1GB RAM, 5" HD screen, 8 megapixel rear camera, 5MP front camera, and Dolby sound. Forming a reference body, the thickness is 7.18 mm. 

Here is the Hisense MIRA6 promotional video :

A shot of the announcement from LiveSino again:

Hisense Mobile Telecom announced WP8.1 dual card dual standby type MIRA6

The standard specification for a mid range Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone seems pretty well set in stone now - for obvious reasons we'll never see the MIRA6 outside China, but even customers there may have to wait a while, given the control icon clues in the video above.

Source / Credit: LiveSino