The Veil opens up an atmospheric undersea adventure....

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Debuting on Windows Phone and then coming to other platforms later (which makes a change!), The Veil is more an aquatic aural experience than a game. With dozens of hours of sampled voices and music, you get to drag around a submersible, seeing what you can find beneath the waves. 

You know how, in real life, undersea exploring is somewhat slow and laborious? The Veil brings a little of that to your Windows Phone!

From the Store description:

LAUNCH PARTY: Unlock the prologue mini-chapter for FREE! 

Plug in your headphones and immerse yourself in the beautiful and daunting world of The Veil. Drive your submersible through icy caverns and discover the mystery behind a long lost ship, the Seymour.

- Rich, immersive environments to explore and discover.
- Two chapters at launch, with more in production.
- Dynamic ambient soundtrack by award-winning Wrench (Unmechanical) combined with audio design by Power-Up Audio (Towerfall).
- 15-25 minute chapter format is perfect for short play sessions on the bus or on break.
- Relaxing, story-focused gameplay organically woven into a beautiful underwater world.

What you're supposed to discover and where all this will take you isn't made that clear, but there are hints in the audio track. And, if you like this sort of thing, there are updates/chapters still to come, which hopefully will build on this nicely.

The Veil

The Veil

Double-tapping on the submersible toggles the lights on and off, long tapping anywhere on the screen directs the craft's path - and that's it. No UI elements, no controls, no maps, no distractions. I encountered a few wrecks, but clearly there's more to come if I had more patience?

You can download The Veil for free here, allow about 250MB for it, installed.

There's also an arty intro video, these things have become de rigeur! A typical quote: "A gulch grows.... A crack is growing, and soon it will yield to my boat.... All I feel is sorrow...." You get the idea!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store