Calendar for Windows Phone 8.1 gets an up...up...update

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You may recall that some parts of Windows Phone were spun out of the OS for 8.1, to become their own standalone applications, more easily updatable through the Store mechanism? Calendar was one such and it picks up an update today. With no changelog, this wouldn't be newsworthy, except that the update first rolled out yesterday and had an appalling bug whereby it would crash whenever the user tapped on '+' to add a new appointment. Happily, this is fixed with the update linked below, with the only casualty a few temporarily confused Lumia 630 owners, we think....

Calendar for Windows Phone 8.1 is represented in the Store here:

Calendar can help keep your life organised with just a few taps. Add meetings and events on the fly, scroll through your schedule with new interactive views, synchronise your other calendars with ease and much more.

In addition to fixing the erroneous update, referred to here by Joe Belfiore:

WP8.1 Calendar fix is ready and getting posted to the store. Will take a bit of time to show up everywhere. Sorry for the inconvenience!

There are stability and performance improvements, though note that there are still oddities to do with 'all day' entries, so I'm sure there are other Calendar updates to come as Windows Phone 8.1 reaches maturity in the next few months.


On the Lumia 630, showing the update showing for a vanilla Windows Phone 8.1 retail device, and now (right) fully working, with successful new entries.

The botched update yesterday annoyed quite a few enthusiasts around the Web, though all of these were on the 'beta' Developer Preview, so some hiccups are understandable. What's less forgiveable is that Lumia 630 owners (a device which shipped with Windows Phone 8.1 a week or two ago) were also hit with the faulty update - and these novices will have had far more right to complain at the lack of QA from Microsoft....

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store