Nokia Storyteller gets final pre-Cyan update, Living Images working on the Lumia 930

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We've had small tasters of Nokia's Living Images system, of course, plus we've learned that the older Lumia 1020 won't get the feature for stability reasons. But even on the newer and highest specified Lumia 1520, all the dots are still not joined up. Today sees an update to Nokia Storyteller (curiously still with the 'Nokia' branding!), v2.1.0.4, that adds the final touches to the application itself, with only the main Lumia Cyan update itself left to hit, at some point in the next couple of weeks. And for the brand new Lumia 930, which is hitting the first shops this week, this update fixes stability issues, making the Storyteller experience more reliable.

The Lumia 930 is due here for review imminently, but most people reading this will be looking forward to playing with Cyan, with Storyteller and with Living Images. Once Cyan appears (as an over the air update) for the Lumia 1520, in particular, this new version of Nokia Storyteller will be fully functional, working hand in hand with Nokia Camera to grab batches of stills and videos, as already detailed here.

Older and less capable handsets won't be compatible with Living Images and this aspect of Nokia Storyteller, for performance reasons - even the 1020 wasn't deemed capable enough, after much testing.

For completeness, the full changelog for Nokia Storyteller v2.1.0.4, over the version that shipped originally, is:

  • Living Images are displayed in Nokia Storyteller
  • Photos and videos in a story are combined with a backing track to create a 30-second story video
  • Nokia Storyteller integrates with Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Video Trimmer for editing your photos and videos
  • Location data is associated with your photos within Nokia Storyteller

Interestingly, we still haven't heard whether the Lumia 920 and 925 will be getting Living Images support. My guess is 'no', but then the smaller sensors and image pipelines in these devices might just make the concept feasible. Watch this space.

We'll also be able to give our impressions of the feature, and Storyteller in its full form, on the Lumia 930, when it turns up.

From our earlier story:

Live "Living Images" can be viewed in Windows Phone's standard camera roll, as shown in the embedded video, but can also be exported to Facebook and other social networking sites. Living images will also be created automatically when capturing photos using Nokia's (Camera,) Cinemagraph and Refocus will also appear as "Living Images", and will also be "bought to life" in the camera roll.