Virus Infection 2 is a promising FPS start, stunning UI and world

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Something of an oddity in the Store at the moment, and clearly not strictly finished, Virus Infection 2 is still worth grabbing for FPS fans, since the UI and the 3D world are stunning, Looking up and down, round obstacles, audio modelling, are all first class. Install it (it's free) and wait for updates....

From the Store description:

VirusInfection is a survival FPS, a true FPS , where you can walk or run in the street, jump, destroy windows, pick up ammo. 

Your goal is to survive as long as possible in the streets of an abandoned city, infected with a virus after military research.
For this you have several weapons, gun, AK47, sniper, MP5, shotgun.

What's remarkable about this title is the 3D world and speed with which you can move around and look. Running, walking, jumping, picking up ammo or health packs, shooting zombies (of course), the modelling of the world is hyper realistic. You can look up and down as well, showing proper perspective, while the audio is modelled well and the noise of your chopper on the roof of the main building varies according to distance and height.

The developer knows full well that this is just the start, promising in the Store text:

Coming soon :
-Rocket launcher
-Headshot bonus
-Better AI

Also missing at the moment is any kind of monetisation or IAPs, so have a blast, think of this as a playable demo, and go from there....

Screenshot, Virus Infection 2

Setting out from your rooftop chopper (complete with audio, blades whirling, etc.)

Screenshot, Virus Infection 2

Moving around is with the left controller, your gaze/eyes by dragging on the viewfinder more generally. Whatever's under the cross-hair (or hand icon, if not a target) can be fired on or picked up....

Screenshot, Virus Infection 2

Impressive 3D modelling goes as far as mangled metal detail...

Screenshot, Virus Infection 2

Wading through water - I wonder what's round the corner...?

Screenshot, Virus Infection 2

Ah - Zombies! Here I'm not doing a very good job of defending myself - each zombie takes several shots to take down!

Screenshot, Virus Infection 2

Back at the weapons shop, you can spend in-game money to upgrade your weaponry, but there are no IAPs..... yet!

Screenshot, Virus Infection 2

Proof that you can look up and down, in this immersive 3D world....

Not bad at all, though horribly unfinished. One to watch in the Store!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store