Blitz Brigade a freemium blend of military mayhem...

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A huge FPS (First Person Shooter), Blitz Brigade is also cross-platform and multi-player. Yes, it's ultimately a swivel and shoot game mechanic from a fixed position, but there's an awful lot thrown into the mix by Gameloft here. At a cost, naturally, with a wealth (literally) of in-app-purchases around to help arm and protect.

From the Store description:

You ready for the gun show? Axis or Allies, victory or defeat, mayo or mustard… All will be decided in the ultimate FPS showdown: Blitz Brigade! Become one of five highly skilled and totally badass classes and team up with other players to pound your enemies into the dirt and call them mean names.

√ Up to 12 players can battle at the same time
√ 5 classes: Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth
√ Control the battlefield in Domination mode 
√ Frag everyone in sight in Deathmatch 
√ Use 3 different vehicles for a tactical advantage
√ Over 100 weapons, each made for a specific class
√ Unique taunts and kill phrases for each character
√ Voice Chat to plan in real time with teammates 

√ Complete 120 unique missions
√ Learn to master each class’s specialised skills
√ Pilot a helicopter and rain death from above 
√ Hop into a Tank to steamroll the enemy

In addition to everything just mentioned, add in many different rendered/modelled environments and three different currencies to keep track of, it's clear that this is very much just a first look at a huge game. It's a shame that Windows Phone is last to the party, but hey, what's new?

A brief walthrough of Blitz Brigade, with some comments:

Screenshot, Blitz Brigade

Production values are pretty high throughout, as you'd expect from a Gameloft multi-platform title...

Screenshot, Blitz Brigade

Be wary of the initial prompt - it may seem cool to get game notifications - invtes, and so on, but unless you're a serious gamer, these are going to get wearisome fairly quickly!

Screenshot, Blitz Brigade

The basic game - stand and swivel - dragging at the screen with your left hand finger or thumb and stabbing at the fire control with the right. And anything under the crosshair gets shot! The weapons used vary from level to level, as do the enemies lining up to be killed...

Screenshot, Blitz Brigade

Ah yes, buying weapons and health packs can help a lot. Guess where you mainly get these?

Screenshot, Blitz Brigade

From real world cash, naturally, with the usual Gameloft tactic of a horrific £80 IAP. I'd love to see their internal stats for how many people buy in at each level!

Screenshot, Blitz Brigade

As you'd expect, there's lots of fake blood and gore as you fire at point blank range into muscled assassins....

Screenshot, Blitz Brigade

In Blitz Brigade's defense, once you've paid up and levelled up, there's the possibility to play in a wider and wider range of environments and against both AI and other human players.

We'll review this formally in a week or two's time - it's not the sort of title you can assess fully in a day! You can download Blitz Brigade here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store