Flipagraph noticeable by the absence of err... flips

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The idea of Flipagraph sounded appealing, anyway. Take a bunch of my selected photos and combine them into an attractive video, with a soundtrack of my choice. I imagined Ken Burns style pans, transitions, a swooping soundtrack.... What I got was static photos with zero frills and a music adding system which didn't work at all. 

From the Store description:

Create beautiful short videos using your photos!

1. Select multiple photos from your camera roll & albums
2. Order your photos
3. Set the timing
4. Select your favorite music track
5. Choose which part of the song you want
6. Save the video!

Note: Sharing the video on social networks like Instagram or Vine is not supported at the moment, it will be available in a future update.

At least the developer also states that this is simply a 'first version', so maybe there's hope. Some screens of the current v1.0 in action:

Screenshot, FlipagraphScreenshot, Flipagraph

Starting off by selecting a batch of photos in the standard Gallery timeline; (right) once selected, 'Arrange' seems misnamed, since the thumbnails can't, in fact, be dragged around at all!

Screenshot, FlipagraphScreenshot, Flipagraph

Aha, in a leap of intuition, I tried long pressing a thumbnail - this opens up a true drag and drop mode.... with the curious side effect that if you try to press a 'x' icon, the whole app terminates! (right) Persevering, Flipagraph moves into 'preview' mode and you can set a global time per photo.

Screenshot, FlipagraphScreenshot, Flipagraph

I tried adding music via OneDrive - but Flipagraph remained silent. So I tried adding music from my phone's SD card - and got the error shown.

Early days, yes. VERY early days. I'm sure the developer has got a full to-do list, but as a bare miniumum:

  • help to the user when arranging
  • Ken Burns style zooms and pans
  • Windows Phone 8.1 file support for selecting music

In the meantime, you can buy (or trial) Flipagraph here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store