Heli Gunner 2 - frontline air combat. Short and sweet action?

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You've got to love a game where you simply get to strafe a gunship-mounted monster machine gun around - except that Heli Gunner 2 is part game, part graphics demo, it seems. Great fun for a while, all very smooth and responsive, and then the lack of variation starts to wear you down....

From the ultra-minimal Store description:

100% PURE ACTION - Shoot from a flying helicopter!

The thing is - there's a good game in here. The concept is that you're a gunner and the pilot of the chopper is flying in pseudo-random patterns around a compound, while you aim your gun and fire off vast qualitities of shells at anything that moves... and a few things that don't. 

Except that the compound's always the same - the reason I'm featuring the game here is to try to encourage the developer to take the game further. There's certainly nothing wrong with the difficulty level - it's tough to get all the bad guys before being shot down by a rocket!

Screenshot, Heli Gunner 2 - frontline air combat

There are also grenades you can throw later on in the game - the whole touch 'drag and fire' works remarkably well...

Screenshot, Heli Gunner 2 - frontline air combat

I'm really not sure what the money is for - it's not used here - again, maybe this is just a demo and an update will see a fuller game? Note the grenade launcher control - very useful for chucking one out the side of the chopper after you've already passed a possible target!

Screenshot, Heli Gunner 2 - frontline air combat

Take that!

Screenshot, Heli Gunner 2 - frontline air combat

All too soon you've been shot down - it's rather annoying that missiles come in from nowhere - it would have been satisfying to know where they were launched from and to go destroy their silo etc.

You can download 'Heli Gunner 2 - frontline air combat' here in the Store. Comments welcome. Especially from the developer. What are the plans for this game engine?

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store