Get patched up in F1uptodate before Hockenheim

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Formula 1 racing comes to Germany this weekend, and just in time, we have a big bug-fix update for the popular F1uptodate utility. The changelog is quoted below, along with come up to the minute screenshots. Rosberg or Hamilton this year - who are you supporting?

From the quoted changelog for F1uptodate v1.1.137:

  • Easier news feed set up with language based suggestions
  • After changing news feed it will be automatically reloaded (no app restart required)
  • Improved caching of Results and Standings (hopefully fixing 0 points bug)
  • App can now detect if cached Results/Standings are valid, if not they will be reloaded
  • UI changes, including new unified header in all views
  • Re-designed About page, now also displaying changelog data
  • Fixed missing background image on wide "Live" Live Tile
  • Added Dutch and Russian translation

Fast, pretty and now more reliable, here's F1uptodate in action:

Screenshot, F1uptodateScreenshot, F1uptodate

The opening screen is stats-packed! (right) the circuit graphical menu/calendar....

Screenshot, F1uptodateScreenshot, F1uptodate

Delving into detail on this weekend in terms of timings and related news....

Screenshot, F1uptodateScreenshot, F1uptodate

Live scoring is limited to race days, sadly - only a practice session was on when I looked - but there were Autosport's live tweets...

You can grab this application in the Store here. Highly recommended for any F1 fans....

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store