The Lost War, part 3D graphics demo, part mindless destruction

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The latest title from developer SwanAngel, The Lost War is a first person shooter with a difference - you play a hovering robot (think R2D2) with massive arsenal and the idea is that you blast the heck out of other hovering robots which approach over a futuristic landscape. Gameplay (even after a few app updates) is a little quirky, thanks to the auto-fire system and the hovering mechanics, but The Lost War is lifted into consideration by the stunning beauty of the graphics and the digital audio effects.

From the Store description:

The Lost War is beautiful fantasy action shooter game where you take control of advanced robot and move freely through massive environments to blow up enemies.
The game supports large diverse game environments with 3D quality graphics and excellent drawing distance, 3D quality sound system, futuristic weapons and huge boss battles.

  • Live tiles support
  • Use headphones for the best sound experience
  • Graphics intensive game, beware of overheating
  • For Low-End devices, it is recommended to play on "Low" in the Graphics settings

Here's The Lost War in action:

Screenshot, The Lost War

Animated intros to each level show off the 3D graphics and context - hovering spaceships (which you eventually get to shoot down - hoorah!)

Screenshot, The Lost War

Your hovering, armed robot - note every opportunity to dim the lights and show off all the Unity lighting/particle effects!

Screenshot, The Lost War

With each level, the opponent AI goes up and the armaments increase...

Screenshot, The Lost War

The landscapes are terrific...

Screenshot, The Lost War

With sci-fi opponents inbound, your two thumbs control orientation and position (these can be switched in Settings), with auto-fire towards the central cross-hair....

Screenshot, The Lost War

On a later level, time to take aim at the alien transports?

It's a fair cop, my reflexes, aim and patience only let me get a few levels into The Lost War, but hopefully you'll do better? You can try/buy The Lost War here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store