Angry Birds gets extra 15 levels in new 'favorites' pack...

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Rovio's been busy in its Windows Phone division, it seems. Following the updates and levels for Angry Birds Space, we now have 15 new levels plus a big new power up, details below. Seems there's life in those old feathers after all!

From the updated Store description:

  • You voted, we listened! Introducing an all-new bonus episode – FLOCK FAVORITES!
  • 15 BRAND NEW LEVELS! Based on your favorite episodes including Short Fuse, Red’s Mighty Feathers, Surf and Turf and many more.
  • JUICE UP YOUR BIRD! Super Seeds are now Power Potion – transform any bird into a pig-popping giant!

The new level pack slots in after the existing ten and before the established bonus and 'golden' levels:

Screenshot, Angry Birds

Somehow I never get tired of Angry Birds - just keep them away from go karts and turn-based fighting!

Screenshot, Angry Birds

Woohoo! 15 more levels....!

Screenshot, Angry Birds

Some beach-based mayhem....

You can update Angry Birds for Windows Phone here. Great to see the title getting regular new leases of life, and credit to Rovio for both sticking with it and also designing in an architecture that makes such updates relatively easy to create.

There's also a promo video for the pack, following the earlier iOS/Android releases:

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store