Intelligent 'What's Hot' hits Nokia Xpress

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Something of a curiosity still, not least because the name still has 'Nokia' in it even at this stage(!), Nokia Xpress was a proxy-based browser experiment from three years ago that continues to receive updates, with a major one only today, adding a new pane to the panorama, showing trending 'hot' stories across the Web. The application is very sweetly coded, it's true, though I can't help but feel it's due a name change for the next version!

Here's the official changelog:

•	See the latest trending stories in the Xpress home screen
•	Onscreen notification bar for related content
•	Bug fixes
I wasn't at all sure what was meant by the second bullet point above (comments welcome), but the latest trending stories appear as advertised and my only complaint would be that some of them seem (initially) a little promotional (you'll see, if you swipe down when trying it....) - the theory is that algorithms fine tune what's shown here according to what you visit and read through in day to day useage.

Screenshot, Nokia XpressScreenshot, Nokia Xpress

The new top level pane, the 'x' panel obviously goes, followed by genuine news stories - some with background images, some without - it seems to depend on the source; (right) As usual, you can use Nokia Xpress as a regular web browser, with almost no compromises....

Screenshot, Nokia XpressScreenshot, Nokia Xpress

Putting your favourite site into the 'Magazine' section also enables you to browse through the stories, RSS style, very slickly, tapping through for more on each story; (right) Overall, savings can be extreme. Expect at least 80% data savings, which can be significant on a cellular connection, of course.

An oddity mid 2014, but still potentially a life saver, though expect the name to change to Microsoft Xpress for the next version, perhaps? You can grab or update 'Nokia Xpress' here in the Store.

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