Mini-review: Gun Frenzy - plenty of guns, frenzy, and err... cleavage!

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Maybe the headline above gives away my opinion of this title. it lives up its name, but perhaps too much so. Your mission is to control a big bosomed heroine(!) in blasting evil fiends, coming at you from all directions. Except that there are so many of them, your own ammo is (often) 'infinite' and you seem to be able to take masses of direct hits while staying alive and fighting. So frenzied yes, fun yes, believable not so much...!

From the Store description:

Gun Frenzy is an exciting action game that features high quality 3D graphics, special effects and immersive sound. Fight monsters, demons and the undead in this exciting, dual-stick shooter. 

In fact, Gun Frenzy was originally programmed for Windows 8 and then ported across to Windows Phone 8 - something which shows in the menu screens and rather tiny text and other graphical elements. The game appeared a month or so ago but with an update in the last couple of days has improved significantly on all fronts, not least that it now works (with reduced graphical effects) on phones with only 512MB of RAM.

Here's Gun Frenzy in action:

Screenshot, Gun Frenzy

Being a little picky, I know, but I think rewriting the help text for phone-sized screens might have helped here?

Screenshot, Gun Frenzy

The top 'row' of levels here is all part of the trial - everything's very lavish, graphically.

Screenshot, Gun Frenzy

Into action then; a virtual d-pad on the left of the screen moves your heroine around, another on the right controls direction/aim/fire. The system works well enough, but the pace is often frantic!

Screenshot, Gun Frenzy

The lighting and particle effects throughout are top notch, from weapons to the spirits that escape each baddie as they get killed....

Screenshot, Gun Frenzy

Another gorgeous example of the lighting and graphics level. Watch out! There are some nasty looking aliens on your right!

Screenshot, Gun Frenzy

An example of one of the ads that come up between menu screens and levels - these can be ugly, low-res and or badly formatted - I suspect they're being served up by an ad-farm that's not being intelligent enough....

Not bad, though too furious for me - I prefer my shooting games to be First Person and to have higher levels of strategy! Comments welcome though - you can grab this for free in the Store here. The first seven levels are free, though there are interstitial full-screen ads to tap past - a fair trade for a decent trial mode, I think.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store