Classic calculators refreshed in utility upgrade for Windows Phone

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Previously 'Casio' and then 'Nokia Scientific', as prefixes, this utility has now settled on, simply, 'Classic Calculator' for its big new version 1.2. If, like me, you had an affinity for a specific calculator that got you through school, then take a look below and see if this rings any bells. And all on your Windows Phone.

From the current Store description:

Powerful simulator of the classic calculators for Nokia and Windows Phone terminals. With advanced features and very easy to use.

* Percentages
* Memories
* Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads
* Scientific.
* Skins
* Sounds
* Vibration

And, in case you'd been following this application through previous iterations, here's what's new:

  • Added a free calc version.
  • Key sound selection
  • New window with new changes info
  • Min key is fixed
  • Key sound is now on press tap
  • Added copy to clipboard

The end result is rather spooky to see on your phone screen, especially given the form factor similarities between these calculators and modern portrait-mode smartphones. 

Screenshot, Classic CalculatorScreenshot, Classic Calculator

The graphical maps/skins are impressive, and 99% of functions just... work, as on the original devices.

Screenshot, Classic CalculatorScreenshot, Classic Calculator

On the menu are links to all the other calculators and skins; (right) Hello Kitty, anyone?

Screenshot, Classic CalculatorScreenshot, Classic Calculator

Something basic and office-like, and something deliberately 'cheap and Chinese'(!)

The developer does say that there's still work to do, namely:

  • implement arithmetic precedence operators
  • fix grades button
  • fix parenthesis button
  • support for new screen resolutions
  • add new modes/skins

A terrific work in progress and a jolly useful trip down memory lane. You can grab Classic Calculator in the Store here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store