6cret brings the (not that) stealthy world of Secret to Windows Phone

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The (nominally) anonymous service Secret, where people share their innermost thoughts and (possibly) State secrets, doesn't have an official Windows Phone client, but there are several written by third parties, not least this one, 6cret (presumably pseudo-pronounced as 'secret' still?), featured here. It's slick and fast, almost glitch free, and will get you up and running on Secret in no time...

From the Store description:

Speak Freely with 6cret, a client app for the popular service "Secret"!

Share anonymously with friends, co-workers and people nearby. Find out what your friends are really thinking and feeling.
• Secret posts come from friends, but you won’t know which one.
• Write back anonymously.
• When people love your secret, it spreads to their friends and can travel around the world.
Say what you’re really thinking and be yourself.

Here's 6cret in action:

6cret screenshot6cret screenshot

The first thing, after signing in, is to give permission for 6cret/Secret to use your location - it may seem a little odd, but you'll see why later on; (right) and then your into Secret itself, with real life secrets shared by others around you...

6cret screenshot6cret screenshot

Delving into the FAQ on the menu reveals the reason for the location permission - there are clever algorithms in place to try and ensure that secrets shown are relevant to all parties. The end goal is an anonymous pseudo-social network; (right) more secrets, somewhat marred by the ad banner - is it just me that gets annoyed by ad banners which mimic application toolbars?

6cret screenshot6cret screenshot

Starting to bare my soul (well, ok, just a little), I tapped out a secret and then decided to add a photographic background - plucked from my Photo albums on the phone. It turns out that you have to start from the photo and that all my text got lost, so I had to start again. Ah well, this was the only glitch I experienced.

6cret screenshot6cret screenshot

After that, it was on to retyping and posting my secret; (right) and it's live on Secret right now - I wonder you'll be shown it at any point? Gulp. How embarrassing.....

6cret is a free download in the Store here. As with all the developer's applications, it's slick and recommended.

PS. In the last few hours, 6cret has been updated yet again - Rudy develops at such a pace. The new v1.2 adds:

  • allow emoticons on secrets
  • search and download background images on Flickr
  • improve user interface

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store