Caution ahead: Slick Liveleak+ client released for Windows Phone

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I can't emphasise enough that anyone under 18 or of a sensitive nature (and that includes me) probably shouldn't install this. is a high profile host for videos and stories that are too controversial for mainstream (YouTube) hosting, and this is a very slick Windows Phone client for the service. Just don't come running to me if you see something you wish you'd never seen!

There should, of course, be a place for publicly-submitted videos about police state brutality and suppressed injustices, and there's some of that here. But there's also unedited extreme violence and stuff that's just incredibly wierd. You'll get an idea from the screenshots, from which I've selected some of the tamer content. Anyway.... you have been warned.

From the Store description:

Liveleak+ is an application which allows for the browsing and playing of videos Liveleak+ is the best way to watch videos from on your phone.

  • Browse and watch videos in Liveleak's popular categories (Featured, Must See, Upcoming, News etc.)
  • Search for your favorite videos
  • Supports HD video playback
  • Full screen playback

If the client had been a barebones web shell then I wouldn't bother to feature it here - but it's actually a well done application in every way. Here's Liveleak+ in action:

Screenshot, Liveleak+Screenshot, Liveleak+

A selection of the currently featured video stories.... Just off to the right are some other lists, e.g. most recent, top all time, etc.

Screenshot, Liveleak+Screenshot, Liveleak+

Within each story you get the video (which can be made full-screen with a tap) and description, plus user comments off to the right. Ignore the misleading toolbar at the bottom - this is actually a banner ad!

Screenshot, Liveleak+Screenshot, Liveleak+

The ads can be removed with an in-app purchase, thankfully. Also, you get to switch to HD video, as seen here, with the option in blue the one I picked....

Screenshot, Liveleak+Screenshot, Liveleak+

...and then there's the content, ranging from shocking to controversial to objectionable to abhorrent. But all subjective, of course. Even the banner ads are right on the line of acceptability, for example this one (right) leading to online 'dating' of Russian women!

If you can bear the content, grab Liveleak+ in the Store here. There are banner ads, with an in-app purchase to remove them if you prefer.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store