Subtitle support, better deletion for WP 8.1's (Xbox) Video

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Just as with the (Xbox) Music application for Windows Phone 8.1, the Video component has also been getting regular updates. This weekend sees a new update, bringing subtitle support for side-loaded videos and easier movie deletion.

Here's the official changelog:

  • SRT subtitle support for personal videos
  • Better delete: easily delete downloaded movies and TV episodes from your phone or remove a movie or TV show from your phone's collection
  • Minor fixes and improvements

The pace of development for both Xbox applications has been impressive, even if some might rightly say that they've been playing catch up with where their platform-integrated versions were a year or so ago, before the big 'break out' of media modules.

Here's the new version in action, showing the current deletion options:

Screenshot, Xbox VideoVideo screenshot

I still think long pressing videos in lists or grids of thumbnails should produce context-sensitive delete functions, without having to resort to the '...' menus, but maybe that's a limitation of the Silverlight implementation?

Regardless of the update, there are still bugs to be quoshed. Trying to resume a TV episode bought through the Xbox Video system, the player once ended up starting at the beginning and then fast forwarding at about 16X to the required playback point. Next time I tried, it started at the right point and then stuttered uncontrollably for the first ten seconds. All quite bizarre!

You can grab or update Xbox Video here in the Store.

PS. With regard to subtitle support, I'm planning a tutorial on getting this working for the near future.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store