HiLight brings sound and extreme dexterity to the action-memory genre

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You know the game type - a set of lights are flashed and you have to remember the sequence and then perform it perfectly. Sounds fairly straightforward when there are only a handful of lights, but add in larger sets of lights, add in multi-touch pairings, add in longer sequences, and you have HiLight, which turns out to be tough to beat. In fact, you never will, for there are hundreds of levels, but be happy since the game appears to be completely free.

Coming in at a surprisingly large 88MB installed (maybe it's all the backgrounds and sounds), here's the Store description of HiLight:

Track the light at full speed and… if you can, follow its path.
Light is unpredictable and playful to lose the player.
Your playground ? Picturesque landscapes which you will discover as you are making progress. Start from the twilight… Will you be able to go all the way up to lighten the landscapes ?

Sounds like an arcade game, but in fact it's an arcade-memory-puzzle (or did I just make that genre up?) Some screens of it in action:

Screenshot, HiLight

Styled with arty backdrops, there are two or three hundred 'levels' in all, split into packs of 45.

Screenshot, HiLight

The presentation is pretty, but ultimately it all leads to....

Screenshot, HiLight

...the main game. Starting with four 'lights' and simple sequences (tap and two-finger-taps), the levels progress to ramp up the complexity. By the time you get to the level shown, with rapid single and two-finger-taps in sequences of six or seven, your brain will be, most likely, fried!

In addition to the attractive backdrops, special mention should also be given to the sounds used, with different musical tones for each 'light', in theory helping your memory, plus the sheer responsiveness of the game interface - the game rattles on very fast, and if you're too slow then a taunting message appears!

Not bad, especially if you're trying to keep both your brain and fingers in trim. You can download this for free here.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store