Elmo, the Furchester Hotel and CBeebies Playtime!

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CBeebies Playtime is a perennial favourite on all mobile platforms, not least Windows Phone, and today brings yet another update in the Store, adding a whole new section, dubbed the Furchester Hotel. An essential install for parents! In the UK, anyway, it's free and all driven by our national license fee, don't you know?!

Here's what's new in this essential kids companion:

This update is bursting with new surprises! Firstly, welcome to the Furchester, the friendliest, monster hotel in town. Help Elmo, Cookie Monsterand the Furchester family in a brand new game, by exploring the hotel finding creative ways to solve problems and keep the guests happy.

The Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure game has two brand new features; little ones can have lots of fun playing ‘fetch’ with their dinosaurs and helping Andy to keep them ‘clean’ with soapy bubbles.

Have fun making NEW words with the Alphablocks and helping to use those words in a sentence with our Word Magic game update.

And that’s not all; you can also enjoy four brand NEW missions with the Octonauts, guided by Kwazii and Pesco, in Octonauts Cadet Training.

Some screens of the Furchester Hotel section (aimed very much at the low end, age-wise, compared to some of the other titles in here) in action:


Into the Playtime hub, now almost a dozen games and activities....


The big new addition, The Furchester (geddit?!) Hotel....


Receiving training on basic taps, swipes and shakes!


In this hotel room, the characters are missing some tunes - here the toddler has to recognise and tap on the music centre.


Solve the 'puzzle' and you(r kid) get praise and maybe a bonus or two...

UK Windows Phone owners can download CBeebies Playtime for free here. Outside the UK, all bets are off. Comments welcome as to what happens!!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store