Anodia is Breakout on steroids. And LSD. And ecstasy. In SPACE!

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Right, think back to Breakout, or Arkanoid, or whatever the flashiest bat and ball game was when you were a teenager. Then imagine everything animated to a higher degree, with appropriate sound effects. Then imagine drop-in gravity wells, to help direct the ball(s). Then forget everything you expected about blocks and imagine totally different constructs to knock down and work through on every single level. Hundreds of them. Got it? Right, you're now in the right ball park to enjoy Anodia, a game from earlier this year that we've never covered before but which has just had a huge update and looks fabulous.

From the developer and Store description:

Play through over 150 handcrafted and unique levels and have a lot of fun with Anodia!

  • brick breaker genre reinvented
  • fast-paced, addictive gameplay
  • easy to pick up and play
  • over 150 handcrafted levels
  • over 20 power-ups and power-downs
  • touch and tilt controls
  • superb realtime physics
  • it has a rainbow!

Of the update this week, the developer writes:

This is the biggest Anodia update ever made! A whole big pack of levels for you to play and a lot of other tweaks and features. Includes:

  • A whole big pack of 48 brand new levels. Third time's the charm?
  • Greatly optimized for a smooth 60 FPS experience.
  • A brand new and beautiful ball trace.
  • Instruction accessible from the options menu.
  • Ability to share your level score on twitter.

To give you an idea of the variety on offer, here are some screenshots of my time with Anodia:

Screenshot, AnodiaScreenshot, Anodia

You know you've got a lot of levels to get through when you see /144 as the denominator on each of three packs! (right) Anodia in action, with intense real time lighting effects and fast 60fps animation.

Screenshot, AnodiaScreenshot, Anodia

As each level is unlocked, you get a glimpse of the flavour of the ones to come.... (right) In action again, this time with geometrical patterns to err... bash down, and with multiple balls in play. The indicator, bottom right, shows when your Gravity Field tool is charged up - tap the playing field to turn on gravity and attract balls in to the epicentre.

Screenshot, AnodiaScreenshot, Anodia

In addition to keeping score, there's the usual Angry Birds Style star system, if you're a 'three star or nothing' kind of person; (right) Yet another level, this time with interconnected shapes and - yep - blasting them with a pair of Gatling guns!

Screenshot, AnodiaScreenshot, Anodia

Controls are by touch or tilt, and you can customise the audio, though the defaults are quite pleasant; (right) Ooh, a forest this time round. Still, blast and bounce away...

Screenshot, AnodiaScreenshot, Anodia

Help screens are all online and display well on a Windows Phone screen, here showing a key to the interface and more detailed textual assistance.

The re-imagining of the Arkanoid/Breakout concept with such style is very impressive at every turn. You can download Anodia here, with removing ads a £1.99 in-app purchase away if you really enjoy the game. Which, for many hundreds of levels and dozens of hours of arcade fun, is a small price to pay.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store