ITV Player gets complete makeover, extra channel

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For anyone in the UK wanting yet more 'lifestyle and entertainment' TV (cough), ITV has just launched 'ITV Be'. No, it's unlikely that most AAWP readers will be making a beeline for the channel, but hey, each to his or her own. The Windows Phone angle here is that there's a completely facelifted version of ITV Player to match.

From the Store description:

ITV Player offers live TV and 30 days' free catch up for all the shows you know and love. Whether you want to catch up on our Soaps or watch that latest Drama everyone has been talking about, ITV has something to offer everyone from ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV.

In terms of the catch-up player application, it has been facelifted, there are new top-of-screen panels pointing to (genuinely) live channels, plus there's the new channel in the line-up, of course.

Here's ITV Player in action now:

Screenshot, ITV PlayerScreenshot, ITV Player

Now with six main channels, including the newcomer, ITV Be; (right) each channel has this 'live' option now too. Swiping to the side switches between channels, the interface really is quite well done.

Screenshot, ITV Player

The newcomer. Well, riveting programming, obviously, and there goes my productivity today...*


* sarcasm? Me? Am I being old and cranky? Comments welcome!

Screenshot, ITV Player

As usual with ITV channels, there are multiple pre-roll ads, even on the live channels....

Screenshot, ITV Player

And then we're into the main content. Or is this another ad? After three minutes watching, I decided it had to be main content, but it was honestly that tough to tell!

You can download this for free in the UK here. As usual, comments welcome on what happens if you're an ex-pat living outside UK IP space!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store