COPTAR lets you swivel and blast... in your own location

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An AR (Augmented Reality) novelty game for the iPhone and iPad, COPTAR has recently made the jump to Windows Phone. And, within the constraints of a helicopter that can't move but can only swivel around, it's a fun shooting game that will make anyone around you think you've gone stark raving mad.... 

From the Store description:

COPTAR is an AR (Augmented Reality) game. You are the pilot in a cockpit of a combat helicopter. Your mission is to shoot down the enemy helicopters which appears in your environment. This can be your living room, your kitchen or somewhere on the street.

There are 5 thrilling levels with a hot-air balloon, a passenger airplane and other helicopters.

The two parachutes also have a function. Just before you run out of ammo, you should shoot the ammo box that hangs on one of the two parachutes. 

And if you want to repair your helicopter again, shoot the backpack that hangs below the other parachute.

It's fairly frantic fun, too, albeit brief (but then it's free and ad-supported, so...) Here's COPTAR in action:

Screenshot, COPTAR

Cinematic music and sound effects ease you into the war zone...

Screenshot, COPTAR

And a handy visual animation points out the things you can press on (be careful, as you only have limited ammo in each level) or use for information...

Screenshot, COPTAR

Red dots mean danger, of course. Swivel to face them, locate vertically and fire!

Screenshot, COPTAR

Only five levels? There's the variety of your own AR location, of course, plus the enemies AI is somewhat random, but I still expected more...

Screenshot, COPTAR

Direct hit! One my missiles strikes home, shot in my office!

Screenshot, COPTAR

You can bring up this HUD view too, for easier aiming and viewing...

Screenshot, COPTAR

Uh oh, perhaps distracted by to-dos on my office white board, I missed an attack and got shot down!

Screenshot, COPTAR

Ah, that's better, onto the next mission....

Somewhat unconvincingly, the developer's app description ends with:

Also, you can record the astonishing scenes, save them on your iPad and publish them – if you want to – on Facebook or elsewhere. Believe us, you will get lot of attention by those convincing video clips.

'iPad'? Really? Plus, in the Windows Phone version, I couldn't see a way to 'record' video clips. Am I missing sometihng?

You can grab COPTAR here in the Store. It'll be fun for 30 minutes, at least....

PS. The idea is so nice that it's surprising there aren't more games in this category. Anyone got any suggestions?

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store