9.3 million Lumias in Q3, 2014

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It's results time again, with an interesting couple of statistics coming from Microsoft's (effective) Q3 financials - it seems (according to Reuters) that 9.3 million Lumia smartphones were sold in the period, a slight increase year on year from Nokia's 8.8 figure in the same quarter last year.

With the sale of Nokia to Microsoft in the intervening year and the disruption that this inevitably caused, the rise in sales is reassuring. In fact, Microsoft generally had a very good quarter, see the executive summary here. Devices and Consumer revenue grew 47% to $10.96 billion, while Commercial revenue grew 10% to $12.28 billion.


9.3 million Lumias in a quarter (plus, no doubt a million or two from other licensees, including the new ones, a contribution which will only grow and grow) should be put in context against typical Apple iPhone sales of 30 million or so (i.e. only a third as many as iPhone shipments) and typical Samsung Android sales of up to a hundred million per quarter. Worldwide smartphone market share for Windows Phone is still somewhere between 3 and 6% (depending on how you define 'smart', as always), though of course higher, up well over 10% in some markets. Still, Windows Phone is very much still in the game, especially with the Windows 10 thrust/unification happening over the next 12 months.

Source / Credit: Microsoft