Spider-Man Unlimited gains new heroes, new villains... and 512MB RAM support

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Spider-Man Unlimited was a game that I didn't immediately warm to, being geared towards frantic swipes and taps and rather outpacing my own reflexes. But credit to the developers and Gameloft for sticking with it - updates to the game have been regular, adding new scenarios, new hero variants, new villains and now the game also runs on devices with only 512MB of RAM (i.e. most budget Windows Phones). My other concerns, over outrageous in-app purchases, are still valid though...

From the Store update notice, rather cutely framing each Spider-Man Unlimited update in 'issues', magazine-style :

ISSUE 4 of Spider-Man Unlimited has arrived! Sandman has come through the dimensional portal and he's ready to take down Spider-Man… Unless the Spidey army can do something about it!

• Featuring Issue 4, with 5 dimensional versions of Sandman and 25 new story missions!

• Consistent release of new Spiders, including SPIDER-GIRL and more female Spiders coming soon!

• Spider-Verse comics are coming to Spider-Man Unlimited! Experience story tie-ins, releases of Spider-Men in tandem with the comics, and face off against the Spider-Verse's primary villain! And this is just the beginning for the Spider-Verse!

• Face off against JACK O’LANTERN in the Halloween event!

• New York's High Line Park! A brand-new environment based on the real-life NYC attraction.

• New Spider-Man card-art styles!

• New event types!

• Bug fixes, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Be sure to stay tuned for some amazing new Spider-Man content, including new villains, Spider-Men, environments, and more!

Plus official support for budget Windows Phones with 'only' 512MB of RAM, dramatically extending the game's reach.

From my original mini-review:

Essentially, this is a first person infinite runner - think Temple Run but with swipes and taps to initiate blows against various opponents and swings between skyscrapers. It's fast - very fast, and anyone over 20 will have trouble keeping up with which swipe, dodge and action is needed in each fraction of a second. It's freemium too - not an issue in itself, but I hate to see maximum in-app purchases of the level here, clearly designed to trap the unwary.

Spider-Man screenshotsSpider-Man screenshots

You can grab Spider-Man Unlimited here in the Store, it's a 90MB download and requires just less than 200MB free in your device.

See also Spider-Man expert Paul Acevedo's detailed power-user review of this new version.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store