Branding confirmations, Lumia Camera, Cinemagraph changes

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A post this morning on Conversations confirms a few things we already knew, teases something for 'today' and details changes to a popular first party Nokia 'video' tool. See below for details.

From the Conversations post:

In line with our recent branding changes, it’s only natural that our exclusive Lumia apps follow suit. Some apps have already switched from Nokia to Lumia, but just to clarify what’s changing, let’s take a closer look.

In September, the Nokia prefix in Creative Studio, Panorama, Storyteller and Cinemagraph were swapped out and they all now look like this:

  • Lumia Creative Studio
  • Lumia Panorama
  • Lumia Storyteller
  • Lumia Cinemagraph

Other than the renaming, they’re still pretty much the same.

Indeed. We'd noticed the change but hadn't thought them worth mentioning, per se. However, one thing we HAD been waiting for is Lumia Camera, bringing much anticipated speed improvements to the Lumia 930, 1520 and 830, principally.

And from today Nokia Camera will be renamed to Lumia Camera as well. This is purely a name change with no new feature updates.

Lumia Camera is currently now live in the Windows Phone Store, but don't get too excited yet. At the moment it's only a name change, we're now waiting for an actual application update and can then start testing it on our devices and will cover this in a separate news story, don't worry. There's an implication that it will only work in conjunction with Lumia Denim, though it's possible that this may include those on the Developer Preview programme - watch this space.

The recently announced Lumia Camera update with Moment Capture and Rich Capture will be made available for the Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon with the Lumia Denim Update, which starts rolling out later this year.


In case you're wondering what's happening to the application for the lesser/cheaper/older devices, 'Nokia Camera' is now 'Lumia Camera Classic' and is essentially again just a name change. So a little confusing all round, what with the Cyan/Denim change as well that's coming, but I'm sure it will all shake out in the end.

Finally, there was an announced change to Nokia Lumia Cinemagraph:

Lumia Cinemagraph, however, will see some changes, with the sharing function being simplified to make it quicker and easier to share your memories with the new Lumia Cinemagraph Beta release. Instead of hosting and sharing your animated creations from, you’ll be able to share cinemagraphs directly your favourite social networks like Facebook, as well as storing them on OneDrive.

Existing Cinemagraphs stored on your phone will remain intact in the Saved view of Lumia Cinemagraph, but when we switch to the new sharing features, any cinemagraphs stored on will be deleted. So we recommend everyone to download copies of their cinemagraphs now so they can be shared again.

The changes to Cinemagraph are expected to land in January 2015, so there’s plenty of time to save your creations and get ready for an easier way to share.

All good stuff, even if the almost complete removal of the Nokia name is starting to feel a little odd to old-timers!

Source / Credit: Conversations