Santa's Notes is perfect and just what you need to cope this Christmas

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Maybe it's just me, but I find that Christmas time goes in a chaotic mess of bits of paper, half finished spreadsheets and stuff that never even leaves my head. Yes, Windows Phone offers quite a few tools to help out here, not least OneNote and Office, but why not go the whole hog and load up Santa's Notes - if this tool can't keep your organised then there's no hope!

From the Store description:

Santa's notes is the application that enables efficient and organized recording of gifts from idea to their transmission. Gifts are sorted by persons and events (Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, ...) and each gift can also records the price, link and its state, which can be calculated in summary.

If it doesn't sound that big a deal - it probably isn't (witness the aforementioned built-in alternatives), but don't write Santa's Notes off, for it's beautiful, functional and potentially very useful as well:

Screenshot, Santa's NotesScreenshot, Santa's Notes

The central interface, with event (e.g. Christmas), people and then gifts, all staggered logically across the panorama. Usefully, statuses and price totals are summed up on the preceding pane. And note the various status icons, which you set yourself as you go. Plus the small but useful search icon, which searches online for your chosen item!

Screenshot, Santa's NotesScreenshot, Santa's Notes

Entering gift details, along with handy note and URL fields; (right) in the settings there's a lot to admire, from the useful password protection to the selection of search/shopping engine to use....

Screenshot, Santa's NotesScreenshot, Santa's Notes

Never heard of some of these, but at least eBay and Amazon are there for me! (right) choosing one of the supplied Christmas backgrounds....

Screenshot, Santa's NotesScreenshot, Santa's Notes

Having established that the system works for you, it's easy to open it up to an extended family (or a more generous nature) as an in-app purchase; (right) the help system is basic but still useful to scan through...

Very nicely done, there's quite a bit more that I haven't had room to touch on, and definitely deserving of some Windows Phone user attention as we get closer to the end of the present-buying season. You can grab Santa's Notes here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store