The BBC Windows Phone portfolio expands with Sport

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It's always good to have first party applications rather than relying on just the mobile web or third party wrappers - admittedly, the BBC Sport application itself uses much of the same rich HTML content from the web, but then isn't this a valid way to go for such a reference/news application? After all, the furniture and interface are local and everything that comes down the virtual wires is new information and images that would have to be grabbed anyway.

From the Store description:

The official BBC Sport app provides live sport news, stats, fixtures and results, curated by the BBC’s team of sport journalists.

Main features:
* Home screen displaying the top stories across the world of sport
* Sections for UK nations and global events
* Live tile showing top sport headlines
* Comprehensive football news, analysis, live scores, tables, match stats and text commentaries – plus the gossip column
* Dedicated indexes for dozens of sports, including football, F1, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, tennis and golf
* Share stories and results with your friends and followers

For sport with a English bent, BBC Sport works really rather well, there's nothing to beat the Beeb's coverage, the graphics are 'just right', the bandwidth requirements relatively modest and I'd recommend this to anyone.

Screenshot, BBC SportScreenshot, BBC Sport

The form at of news should be familiar as it's essentially the same as on the responsive BBC web site. Tap the top left icon though, and an Android-like category menu pops out - with hundreds of sports, seemingly, however niche...

Screenshot, BBC SportScreenshot, BBC Sport

Within a linked story, there's also a 'related' drop down menu (the down arrow beside the main category name) - or you can reset everything by tapping on the home icon on the bottom toolbar...

Screenshot, BBC SportScreenshot, BBC Sport

Thankfully this 'loading' animation only occurs very infrequently, I was very happy with overall performance considering that almost everything has to be sourced online; (right) Spot the odd one out - no BBC News. Yet. Watch this space....

You can download BBC Sport for free here - at least it replaces the many third party home-made wrappers on the same BBC content...

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store