Smart Lights is a responsive light meter in your phone

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Provided your Windows Phone has an ambient light sensor integrated (most do, with just a few budget models excluded), you can now use your device as a fully functioning light meter - you can now prove to your boss or wife that your office or study or bedroom (or whatever) is too dark. Or too bright. A useful little utility, for sure, and nicely implemented, with a choice of half a dozen units of light measurement.

From the Store description:

Smart Lights (support only 8.1) is a handy tool for measuring the power of Light (Lux) value by using device light sensor. It detects the Light Intensity for the different workstations like Hospitals , Offices, Residences, Hotels, Educational institutions and Concert Halls etc. Then the results will suggest you to decide to participate in activities in accordance with the light intensity was measured. Such as bedtime, reading, walking, ...

With full content and high science, the app will help you to use your smartphone in creative ways:

  • Measure the quality of sleep through the bedroom light, so that you improve your health
  • Measure the intensity of sunlight to help you protect your skin
  • Measure the light intensity around your work environment 

It works really well and is responsive, changing readings around once a second (the ambient light sensor on most phones is on the front, near the earpiece, by the way). Here's a brief walkthrough:

Smart Lights screenshotSmart Lights screenshot

Hmm.... seems my (wintry) office is too dark this morning! Time to turn the lights on...; (right) there's a comprehensive set of presets, wherein a critical light reading will be flagged up

Smart Lights screenshotSmart Lights screenshot

For each light reading/range, some of the settings from the main list are reeled off - they're useful as a guide; (right) swiping sideways on the main dial reveals various alternate units, most of which I'd never heard of!

It's amazing how much the human eye compensates for low light conditions, but a light meter, here on the phone, will always tell the truth. And, with my photo-geek hat on, knowing how bright the light is could well help me work out the best way to shoot a particular scene...

You can download Smart Lights in the Store here. Thanks to WMPU for the heads-up.

Source / Credit: WMPU