Netflix for Windows Phone gets user profiles.... at LAST

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With one glitch (the update doesn't work under Lumia Denim - you have to remove the application and reinstall, and even then content crashes!), I have to rejoice with thousands of other Windows Phone users around the world in a complete re-write of the Netflix client, this time bringing the much awaited user profiles (so your choices and your kids' don't have to be mixed!), plus automatic post-play, a redesigned UI, Cortana integration, and much more....

Here's the quoted (somewhat terse) changelog for the new v4.0.0.13:

  • New User experience
  • Profile selection
  • Post-play
  • Better video quality
  • Application tile
  • Content pinning
  • Cortana search

And here's the new version in action under Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Developer Preview on my Lumia 1020 (no doubt the Lumia Denim issues will be fixed in short order):

Screenshot, Netflix on Windows PhoneScreenshot, Netflix on Windows Phone

Profile selection, just as on iOS and Android - phew! The carousel layout is new too, and much closer to the interface on other mobile platforms.

Screenshot, Netflix on Windows PhoneScreenshot, Netflix on Windows Phone

Browsing video genres and the graphical title browser in action...

Screenshot, Netflix on Windows Phone

The post-play feature lets you move seamlessly from one episode of a TV show to the next...

Screenshot, Netflix on Windows Phone

Disaster under Lumia Denim on the 830.... no doubt Netflix's engineeers are coding up a DRM fix even as I write this!

You can grab or update Netflix here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store