Lumia 1020 Egyptian Moments

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Put a couple of years of your life into capturing your beloved country using your beloved camera phone champion (1020). Use every trick in the book, such as time lapse, tiltshift, deep zooms and fast pans. Add a month of video editing and a tuneful soundtrack and you get a great example of what can be done with a Lumia 1020 - which even features in a few scenes in the finished video, partly thanks to some small Lumia 925 sections too. Worth a visit - and yes, Egypt looks pretty spectacular. Job done, Ziad!

As usual with these embeds, maximise the quality and size on your screen, if appropriate. Note that the soundtrack is all music, by the way, Ziad is just showing off the 1020's (and Egypt's) visuals:

Pretty impressive, I only noticed a few 1020 auto-focus artefacts here and there. 

A great example of what the 1020 can do, still arguably at the forefront of smartphone imaging, even if the older Nokia 808 and the newer Galaxy Note 4 should also get a nod here.

Source / Credit: Ziad