Lumia Camera 5 and general 930/Denim video demos

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File these under video links of interest, but they're very well done. In this case, a Lumia 930 with Denim in the last few days and a demo 930 with Lumia Camera 5 filmed back at CES, both from Pocketnow, specifically its Multimedia Manager, Jaime Rivera. Two videos are embedded below for your interest - I'd shoot something myself, but Microsoft hasn't seen fit to push Denim my way yet on any of my devices, so.... In any case, Jaime does a pretty stunning job, so take his word for it instead.

First, here's the Lumia Camera 5 demo, filmed back during the CES show stay in Las Vega, apparently. The only point where Jaime's enthusiasm wanes is when talking about the workflow - whereby editing Rich Capture shots has to be done from the camera interface - you can't do it from Photos. This does seem a little odd and rest assured I'll be investigating in due course.

Secondly, with Denim in place on his Lumia 930, Jaime re-assesses the device in the context of other January 2015 smartphones and finds that the 930 still comes up competitive:

Great stuff. Again that lack of Glance comes up. I can only think that Nokia (at the time) found it impossible to source 1080p pentile screens with 'display memory', so they settled for a more standard component. And have probably been ruing it ever since!