The Reset tutorial for Lumias

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If you're anything like me, you're aware that there are some 'magic rune' key combinations needed to do soft and hard resets on Lumia Windows Phones, but you can never remember what they are. Google will help here, though the video below should as well. Not least because it covers the keys to hold down if your Lumia is low end enough not to have a physical camera key as well.

From the Conversations article:

However, there times when you may need to restart or reset your handset, typically after an app has crashed.

The time honoured approach with all computers has been to remove the battery, starving the phone of power and starting things up afresh. That’s an approach you can take with the Lumia 530 simply by taking off the shell and taking the battery out.

However, taking the battery out is a little like giving it a shock to the system, so there are ways that make sure the system starts properly. The big difference with the Lumia 530 from previous devices in the Windows Phone family is that it doesn’t have a dedicated Camera button, which can limit the additional functionality of keys.

We’ve put together this video to show you how to reset your Lumia 530 using the on-board software, as well as the hardware keys for more serious crashes.

The video is certainly worth watching and bookmarking, though the compiler made a dubious decision in starting with a factory reset option - always start with the least drastic, least lossy option and work down from that, surely?

Good to know though. And with today's data mainly living in the Cloud (email, PIM, OneDrive, backup, etc.) even a hard/factory reset doesn't mean starting from scratch anymore.

Having said that, I've never had to do a hard or factory reset on a Lumia for anything other than wiping a device before passing it on, so hopefully the operations here can remain a last resort.


Source / Credit: Conversations