Twitter gets minor update, Cortana integration and better 'Share to'/People hub access

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Sneaking in under the wire before tomorrow's event and timed to work well with the still-rolling-out Lumia Denim, the official Twitter client has seen a small update today, with Cortana integration and better sharing to the client from other applications.

From the source (official) blog, about the new version

The Twitter app for Windows Phone 8.1 is receiving a nice update today that adds a couple of new features. With this update, you can now use Cortana to launch a new Tweet in the Twitter app by saying something like “Cortana, Twitter new Tweet I love Twitter”. You can also now share websites from Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone to the Twitter app.

The changelog in the Windows Phone Store is wrong as I write this, so ignore it...

In addition to what's mentioned in the quote, the under the hood addition to the 'Share to' list also means that Twitter now pops up in the People hub again, as one of the accounts that can be linked. So Twitter updates, once signed in, can appear in the relevant pane there.

Some partial screen proof of the new Twitter in action:


Twitter now pops up in the Share list....


...and the contact accounts list in the People hub - with a good result, though tapping anything here merely opens the Twitter app - it's strictly view-only.

I couldn't get the Cortana integration working here - maybe that's region-specific (e.g. USA?) Comments welcome.

You can download or update Twitter for Windows Phone here.

Source / Credit: Blogging Windows