Lumia Denim hits the 930 in the UK, France and more...

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Lumia Denim has finally been released for some European variants of the 930, including the UK country variant, which is the one we have several of at AAWP Towers. Some screenshot proof and notes below... Not all positive!

I'll have several Denim-specific features up in due course, but in the meantime:

Screenshot, Denim upgradeScreenshot, Denim upgrade

Windows Phone OS 8.10.14226.x is the most up to date I've seen on any device here, by the way, clearly there have been several fixes in the builds since '14219' in the Preview for Developers programme for Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 etc.; (right) Lumia Camera 5 is the main attraction for 930 owners, of course. Interestingly, there's still support for living images - watch for a feature on how this works with the rich capture and moment features in due course.

Screenshot, Denim upgrade

Each of the new features in Lumia Camera is introduced by a token explanation of what's going on, though doubtless everyone reading this already knows what to expect!

Screenshot, Denim upgrade

The 4K video capture works very well and then, when you tap on 'Edit moment', you see...

Screenshot, Denim upgradeScreenshot, Denim upgrade

...this, at least the very first time. We spotted Lumia Moments a while back, but it's now got something really meaty to tie in with, at least on the 930 and 1520...

The downside of the tagging of 4K video capture to the shutter button means that taking photos with it is now damn near impossible. Try it and you'll see. I'm sure detection of how long you focus for and when you fully press to capture can be optimised in future updates. Happily, you can still take shots using touch-to-focus and the on-screen shutter icon. Ah well. You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs etc?

The firmware version has jumped up massively, from v02040.x.x under Lumia Cyan to v02540.x.x under Denim here. It'll be interesting to see the version naming scheme for other handsets as they get Denim too.

We've covered Denim before on other devices. In addition to Lumia Camera 5, of which more later, there's the 'Hey Cortana' always-listening feature on the 930 here and on the 1520, both of which have the right Snapdragon 80x series chipsets. Which is all just crying out for a demo video at some point.

There are a lot of questions I'll be asking this update and quite a bit to delve into in the next few days, of course. In the meantime, try your Lumia 930 now in Settings/Phone update - the new OS installs in about 25 minutes or so, all in.