Radio Lounge UK fixes bring it bang up to date

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From the developer of Podcast Lounge, the UK-based streaming radio player 'Radio Lounge UK' has seen a major update in the last couple of days, principally to get round the BBC's dropping of all their old WMA (Windows Media Audio) streams. See below for a full changelog and a link or two.

We've not mentioned Radio Lounge UK for a while here on AAWP, bur it has had quite a few updates since its inception (or at least its change to the current name) circa 2013. From the official changelogs for the new v3.4.5:

  • Updated app icons to support HD screens
  • Transferred BBC national stations to new streams
  • Added BlueSmart and Favourites support
  • Added Global Radio stations
  • Corrected jammed buffering message for national stations
  • Corrected build regression [whatever that is!]
  • Added check for WP 7.8 OS
  • Assorted fixes

Good stuff, here's the application in action today:

Screenshot, Radio Lounge UKScreenshot, Radio Lounge UK

As with Podcast Lounge, a welcome notice eases you into any changes; (right) up and running immediately with one of the BBC stations... The blue bar, by the way, shows you how far 'through' the current programme is.

Screenshot, Radio Lounge UKScreenshot, Radio Lounge UK

Tapping on the top-left Android-style pop-out menu brings up a panorama with 'all', the current directory of 74 stations, and (right) a list of your marked favourites...

Screenshot, Radio Lounge UKScreenshot, Radio Lounge UK

A nice reassurance in the settings - 22MB per hour is nothing in the grand scheme of things, over cellular, even over pay-as-you-go data! (right) for any playing stations, there's also the option to pin it to your Start screen...

Screenshot, Radio Lounge UKScreenshot, Radio Lounge UK here, with three likely candidates; (right) the trial is limited to just a few stations, but heck, it's only a quid - go for it (I did)!

A solid radio player for over-the-air commercial stations in the UK, recommended. You can try (or buy) Radio Lounge UK here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store