4K video analysis from the Lumia 930/Icon/1520

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What do you get if you take someone as OCD about smartphone video as I am about pixel purity in smartphone stills? You get Juan Bagnell and the video below, analysing in enormous detail the 4K video capturing capabilities of the Lumia 930/Icon and 1520. He's very impressed overall, especially as the device itself is now over a year old.

Here's the video anyway, the highlights are the welcome acknowledgements that the Lumia Camera application finally gets tap to focus in the middle of capture (bringing the system up to same level of flexibility as the older Nokia 808 system on Symbian), plus the demonstrations of depth of field (due to the larger sensor and optics) and Rich Recording audio capture.

As usual, it's worth maximising the playback window and also the quality according to your bandwidth available:

Source / Credit: YouTube